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C&D Hotel Xiamen(Yeohwa Hotel) is a garden style business conference hotel that is most famous for its ECO-GARDEN courtyard. It's also known as the Best Urban Oasis and Original Ecological Environments because of its warm,  peaceful and elegant atmosphere.
When it comes time to relax,  guests can get a massage,  use the sauna,  swim in the indoor pool,  sing karaoke,  play tennis or golf.

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住客评论 4447条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • dug66
    All right
  • feifan14
    Something like resort hotel, liked it. so far is the place where breakfast, around here is not convenient.
  • cutedandan
    It is feeling where I lived the best five-star hotels, once he began propaganda _
  • Peter Liu
    Well one word, required hotels to Xiamen. it is worth staying at!
  • myme001
    Very clean, very comfortable, service very good! it is worth staying at!
  • jy02271735
  • yc5263038
    Turned out of the room, my husband did not continue long, children get better, play a day in the hotel, and harvest a variety of interest, thank you!
  • gmdong
    Praise slightly each time to go on a business trip back
  • jmm536
    It's awesome! good location, key is inside the Park, the trail runs good
  • joey60
    Service is in place, when you check in at the front desk, I heard children, immediately prepare children for child toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers and so on, makes you feel very intimate. launched treasure hunt kids are happy. all rooms are somewhat old, nothing is perfect. recommend friends stay with children.
  • supertnt666
    Which is very nice
  • fairy22
    Hotel is an older establishment and the staff are not as well trained as a declared as a five-star should have!
  • jerry108108
    Book room for MOM and dad, they were very satisfied, said five-star hotels are good, service is great, the hotel staff are very polite, night call and asks if you want to clean up your room. more than 500 price includes a rich breakfast, airport transfer and attraction shuttle can swim too, compared to 2,300 of the hotel more comfortable, they are satisfied with.
  • albumen
    Which is very nice
  • alerter
    Which is very nice
  • e01147285
    Hotel is very good, is a typical five-star hotels, health very good. hotel's service is also very good, staff were very friendly. There are children, sent two bottles of water at the hotel, thank you! not enough room was a bit small, scenery outside the window, is a residential area.
  • csr696988
    Hotel service is good, the environment is also good, very comfortable
  • LILI123563
    Very good, good service, all software and hardware are all very good
  • liujing739
    Hotel was very good, service could be improved, we 12:00 to hotel because there was only one night to catch the next day 5:00 plane 3:00 request late check out to disagree with, I knew not to drive you to your hotel, directly at the airport
  • redyany
    Hotel pick up good, 3 times before to reconfirm by phone, so that people can feel at ease, a dedicated staff, very hard! breakfast, Hotel Green nice! very tide is a quilt, not feeling too well. a 1.5 meter bed and a 1.2 meter is very convenient.
  • psj_06
    Good ... very good.
  • jilifu007
    Hotel's services as well as reviews, experience starts from the airport to the hotel is very high level of management and service. Although the hotel is a bit far from the sea, but drum near Pier and hotel shuttle to various attractions, very convenient. Service is warm and intimate, unsolicited detergent we wash the clothes not dry, take out the active Sun, and left a note. housekeeping staff clean the room finds a child, and stackA baby elephant, gave his son a surprise! Hotel's own bio-Park is also very good, get up early and go for a walk in the evening is very comfortable. In short, lovely hotel, Xiamen, give us the holidays happier, thanked the hospitality of the hotel staff will recommend friends stay!
  • cc1981
    Very good hotel
  • jccg629728675
    Oh well
  • e02645291
    Very quiet, staff friendly
  • laoma28
    Garden Hotel, for day-time inside out Interior, the breakfast is also very good.
    Where breakfast is nice, service is in place, nice hotel! our room was beautiful-Shin, have children even in public toilet toilet. to airport to the hotel on the first day, also arranges vehicle. the hotel is too large to eat dinner in the building will also have a car shuttle.
  • beatgrass
    Second, service here is the best in the country, so many hotels, the main push Mandarin
  • nwl1364
    Which is very nice
  • beirongtu
    Service and environment really first-class, warm and thoughtful service, next to words is also preferred. in addition to the traffic is not very convenient, convenient to the attractions were not.
  • dengyun_scu
    Good service, good, staying at comfortable, early is many varieties. well go live it
  • m00100868
    Pick-up from the airport began to feel good hotel also has an excellent location make electric vehicles can park for free food was great recommended hotel
  • jtmcs
    Convenient, very convenient.
  • mossimos
    Superb hotel, superb service! nice one.
  • Aneal
    All rooms are old, very good breakfast
  • clwangxiao
    Hotel is great, don't fight don't make, shade of a tree ring, hotel clean and spotless. Service amenities, pick up service, there are free buses to places of. the hotel staff are very friendly, very polite! Even the housekeeping staff were very friendly and gave us roses and fold fun towel Mandarin Duck! anyway in the heart to serve, rather than formal politeness! absolutely recommended! Go out not far away there are food stalls, sat at the gate 135-channel directly to the street. Xiamen Mandarin would also choose again!
  • nigle85
    High cost of hotels
  • bowen7890
    Service attitude Super invincible good! zhiqian select Hotel Shi on see reviews of many people said Hyatt China service attitude is good, really of is such child of, I live of sea Yu floor, room is good, a floor also has lobby's, at any time can to eat fruit and snack, for with small basin friends of family for too intimate has, days Feng floor lobby has a small of children paradise, also is for small basin friends play, Botanical Garden Super invincible big, small basin friends play of is Hi, hotel within has battery to where are gray often convenient, onlyOintment is wood have thought good for breakfast, but very satisfied!
  • alnami
    Hotel service is good, the waiter saw hanging clothes out to dry in the bathroom, very very careful, facilities are good, especially the large garden, comparable to the city parks. kids like to feed the peacocks in the back garden, crazy golf. highly recommended hotel!
  • e05561782
    Haven't lived. reservation date wrong. only waste
  • salajoin
    Group travel travel with colleagues, good breakfast, very intimate
  • sunny4168
    As ever been
  • nicefs
    Services did not have to say, the only doubt is; booking inquiry after baby size and gender, can be assigned nothing for parents, not even my children's toothpaste and slipper, really puzzling.
  • ectpeng
    MOM and dad live there happily, hotel the service was good, more benefits, stay stick da-
  • Joana66
    Last night in Xiamen, is the most comfortable night. service really good. didn't order a few days ago that the regret. baby sleep well, provided a tub and a guardrail, sending machine. back to Xiamen must be my choice.
  • e00227460
    Xiamen, recommend staying at Mandarin, here you can really feel the five-star services. next to Xiamen will choose here, very satisfied
  • Amy8308
    5/5/5 good service good facilities/very good
  • beef85
    Very good hotel, elegant environment, green is good! services carefully.
  • BABY521
    Which is very nice
  • TT2009
    Very nice hotel, everything to everyone's satisfaction.