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Xiamen Yuehua Hotel (C&D Hotel, Xiamen), Lake District Yuehua Road, Xiamen Self - Trade Area and Xia tambour ferry point d 'embarquement.Hotel de l 'universDonnées à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Tous les bâtiments sont répartis sur le mont Phoenix pour vous permettre d 'avoir un 'meilleur sommeil'.Toutes les Chambres et les principales zones publiques sont couvertes par le wifi.Xiamen gastronomie dans le Yuehua ne peut pas non plus s' épuiser.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Dans le même temps, l 'hôtel est équipé d' une salle de bain thermostat à l 'intérieur, d' un terrain de tennis extérieur, d 'une piste de 1 290 mètres, d' un gymnase, d 'un sauna propre, d' un petit jardin d 'enfants, etc.
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  • b00269067
    Always 'very well'
  • tinacaitingting
    Convenient service attentive, room comfortable and quiet, breakfast variety slightly has is short
  • e00325754
    Offers an airport pick-up service, hotel staff service attitude is good, overall nice, clean and tidy.
  • e04528545
    That's good!
  • mingxiaoso
    Always choose Mandarin
  • clarens
    Very close to the airport, very convenient
  • anny_wbr
    Very satisfied with active service is very good
  • e00132734
    Villa the old history, after all, other health service tables are very good.
  • wenglw
    Hotels in Nice
  • baxia112
    Very good!
  • gy7ic
    Nice equipment!
  • e00095966
    Very good, every time, is absolutely OK
  • Beryl1999
    Which is very nice
  • gaogao06
    Beautiful environment traffic is not very good
  • rosebud_11
    Service is very good. very satisfied domestic hotels
  • baoboa
    Which is very nice
  • andylauany
    Excellent hotel facilities are fully consistent with the five-star standard! free upgrade of the room very pleasant stay! next to Xiamen will choose Mandarin!
  • Pinecs
    Price very good of hotel. hotel belongs to urban within garden type of, environment is good, for holiday; although is local hotel, but service than many are good many, special warm, special personalized. and also has airport free shuttle. very worth recommended. began live of is a between double bed senior room, room is good; later free upgrade to sea Yu floor of administrative big bed room, but room in of bathroom facilities equipment partial old has, this is only insufficient!
  • joyri
    Hotels in Nice, but the facilities are too old or a five-star bed, Executive floor is not good, choice hotels next time stay
  • fuxyn
    Very good hotel
  • jjf181818
    As a 1985 hotels, room facilities and hotel facilities were very good, did not give the feeling of old, but simple and elegant and historical precipitation. the staff are very friendly, equipped with hotel standard. good breakfast. Nothing good going around the hotel, going out outside the store, restaurants are standard in rural areas, is a partner at any seafood, tasty and not expensive, might as well air conditioning in Japan cuisine, delicious.Addition hotel within has a compared big of garden, to card into, actually inside also is unlikely to, turned a circle on out has, also didn't participate in what looking for plant, because too hot has, hehe only a need spit slot of is, day live of when has staff call asked you staying feel how, check out Hou and asked you Hotel sent of mango smoothies how, best modified into information's, because I think inexplicable of phone is a harassment. Forgot to mention previous evaluation, the second day of theWhile I was living, bathroom shower heads don't know why out of hot water, hot, the children shouted hot, had to literally rub with the towel. afraid of freezing. first day without this
  • Sallyji2005
    Hotel is great, staff very friendly attitude is also very good, very good
  • limin0414
    Yeohwa Hotel good! you're too noisy. warm and sincere service. Xiamen next time, continue to Mandarin.
  • bigdon888
    With children out tourism, see has reviews think good, staying Hou found does worth a live. breakfast is big; pool and children paradise baby play of is happy; plant big search also win has small gift, children is like; room health is clean, to baby prepared has bed guardrail, doll, children slippers, service is good, Hotel walking way encountered waiter are enthusiasm of greeted; hotel also free sent machine, for with baby out of family, live here really good. nextAlso have the opportunity to come live here.
  • e00768292
    51 for two days, didn't go anywhere, stay at the hotel, baby Park, inflatable castles, golf, swimming pool, really comfortable, good place for vacation
  • Bob Wang
    Old hotel, excellent service, also offers a gym and swimming pool, but also provides an airport shuttle (to be booked in advance), and fruits in the room, breakfast, facilities is a little old, but very good! next time.
  • Andy050503
    Good location quiet
  • barry1689
    Really good
  • jinnnnn
    Service is very good, free pick-up, hotel is very nice, comfortable ... my boss next time they come to China, we will choose this hotel. VERY VERY NICE!
  • e00074484
    Beautiful environment and service very good
  • maryln
    very nice hotel.good service.need more chinese food.price too hight.we like to stay this hotel again.all staff very nice.
  • leeflee
    Room well. environmental good.
  • lusayia
    Was good, room was a bit musty, the waiter immediately spray the freshener, good hotel, the surrounding environment almost, really good service staff with high quality
  • guoyongjie
    Breakfast very good environment is good, quiet no noise. Service is not bad.
  • axlwang
    Very nice hotel, beautiful environment, in addition to the location, everything very well.
  • jdotpeng
    Hotel offers free pick-up and drop off service, very good! staff was very professional, enthusiastic, have a 'home' feeling! hotel room was very clean, beds comfortable, hotel facilities are Kohler level, good will certainly stay again! complimentary fruits before eating, a little pity.
  • mr.bean
    Hotel staff friendly, complimentary pick up service, as well as the pickup person worthy of praise
  • lyg425
    Good service, facilities need to be updated, and hope a little more hearty for breakfast, WiFi in the room was very practical.
  • Elaine53
    Near airport, morning compared early of aircraft can ahead of scheduled good car sent. service didn't said, very fine detailed, worthy of 5 star standard. room sent of fruit quality also good. facilities words the some are has has. and hotel also has a is big of garden, very worth a shopping! hotel is big, inside will has car Shuttle, on without hard go is far has. only of inconvenience is around no what hotel, dinner only in hotel has.
  • sunny108110
    Super helpful staff! support is also very good! very nice hotel!
    Which is very nice
  • cs280018116363
    That's good
  • gtol3
    All right
  • andon
    Xiamen travel preferred. services are quite good, nice, small can also run inside the Park.
  • e00039665
    First-class service attitude tianfeng building is very comfortable I think better than haiyu floor man, there are children's play facilities with the baby must be
  • fiy222
    Good value for money, worth living ~
  • dreammmc
    All right
  • samurai023
    Good service, airport transfer service
  • e00047919
    Warm service, beautiful environment, pool condition very good, breakfast varieties, nutrient-rich, surrounding traffic is also very convenient, pick up warm and thoughtful little sister, is worthy of praise.
  • liangver
    Xiamen's first five-star, hotel points, however old the old benefits of greening class